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Focus in on:  The Sun

Focus in on: The Sun

The sun is often known as the planet of self.  The sun is thought to represent the self, the ego or the personality of the person in question.  It is our identity to the world!  The sun speaks to creative ability and the power of the person in question ot meet everyday challenges life throws our way.

Our biological father, husband and other male influencers are ruled by the sun, as are children.  The sun’s energy is strong and with it comes authority, the ability to lead and a person’s core being.  Through the will of the sun, we learn to be ourselves in the world.

The sun is rather majestic, and in keeping with this, it exudes royalty and higher office.  The planet of the sun rules over our health and wellbeing.  The sun’s golden light is essential to life which gives us strength, energy and a will to succeed.